PAR 70 – 5,640 metres

1st Hole
[378 metre Par 4]

This holes requires an accurate drive through a narrow shute, once safely away most will still face a 150 – 160 metre second shot to a small, open green. Avoid the trees down the right off the tee.

2nd Hole
[382 metre Par 4]

Most tend to miss the drive to the right where tall trees make for an interesting second shot to a narrow green sloping back to front. Position your tee shot well here and the rest is not too tough.

3rd Hole
[132 metre Par 3]

A tight par 3 particularly when the pin is placed on the front left side of the green which is guarded by a bunker.

4th Hole
[495 metre Par 5]

The first of the par 5’s where a tight landing area from the tee followed by a blind second shot will leave a short to mid iron approach to a small green you won’t want to miss right.

5th Hole
[190 metre Par 3]

The longest of the par 3’s where hitting the green is just the beginning with a tiered green providing plenty of difficult pin placements.

6th Hole
[464 metre Par 5]

A sweeping left to right par 5 with a raised tee shot to a fairway lined down the right by trees. Keep the ball left here and then fire to a narrow green protected front right by a single bunker.

7th Hole
[421 metre Par 5]

The shortest of the par 5’s and a real birdie opportunity provided you get a clean tee shot away to a generous fairway.

8th Hole
[382 metre Par 4]

The number 1 rated hole because of the uphill approach to a green protected by overhanging trees. Requires an accurately positioned tee shot so you can thread the gap with your second between the trees left and right.

9th Hole
[150 metre Par 3]

A simple looking short downhill par 3 but don’t be fooled, this one takes it’s fair share of prisoners.

10th Hole
[344 metre Par 4]

An uphill dog-leg right with out of bounds on the left. Requires a very accurate tee shot to a tight landing area. Approach can be blind if the tee shot is not long enough and is to a small green.

11th Hole
[325 metre Par 4]

This looks simple enough but if you miss the fairway right it’s anything but simple. With the pin tucked left the single bunker attracts plenty of attention.

12th Hole
[172 metre Par 3]

Perhaps the signature hole with a dam protecting the narrow back to front sloping green back and sides with bunkers left and right as well. From the plates and into the wind it’s a daunting tee shot!

13th Hole
[374 metre Par 4]

A straightforward hole but has out of bounds down the left and can play long with the tees back. Plenty of room right off the tee but again the approach is to a small green.

14th Hole
[168 metre Par 3]

A flat hole which makes judging the distance deceiving. Not too much trouble if you pick the right club.

15th Hole
[287 metre Par 4]

The shortest of the par 4’s with a dog-leg to the left. Not too tough if played as a two-shotter but if you are tempted to go for the green off the tee that’s where the fun can begin.

16th Hole
[150 metre Par 3]

Downhill par 3 to a shallow green so distance control is crucial. Better to be short than long and the green is protected by a single bunker on the right.

17th Hole
[434 metre Par 5]

A slight dog-leg right with thick rough and out of bounds down the left side. A fairway trap short and right can provide headaches to an otherwise simple hole where your short pitch third shot is to a raised green sloping front to back with deceptive side way breaks.

18th Hole
[392 metre Par 4]

What a cracker to finish! If you require a par here to win you’ll know you’re alive. A long dog-leg right with out of bounds left off the tee and the green well protected left and right by bunkers. The second shot is all carry as the fairway dips in front of the green.

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